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Art culture such as music, drama, dance, movies, animation, and manga not only enriches people’s lives by bringing excitement and joy to life, but also has a great power to revitalize society as a whole. And its role is extremely important.

In order to promote arts and culture, the Media Arts Festival supports performing arts creation activities such as music, movies, and dance, fosters young artists and other artists, enhances children’s cultural and artistic experiences, and local arts and culture. We are working to support activities, promote media arts such as movies, animations, and manga, including the Media Arts Festival.

1)Basic direction of promotion of culture and art
Need for promotion of culture and art

From the broadest perspective, culture is about human beings and human beings, such as the behavior of human beings born, raised, and acquired in relation to nature and the climate, lifestyles such as clothing, food, and shelter, lifestyles, and values. It means everything related to the life of the human being, but if we look at the culture from the aspect of “mental activities and the results for human beings to realize their ideals”, the significance is summarized as follows.

⦁ Food for humans to live like humans

Culture brings fun and excitement, spiritual comfort and joy to life to people, enriching their lives and enriching their humanity. The culture that has been nurtured in the rich and beautiful nature nurtures human sensibilities.

⦁ Formation of the foundation of a society to live together

Culture provides a soil that connects people, understands each other, and respects each other through a heart that sympathizes with others, and is the foundation of a society in which humans collaborate and coexist.

⦁ Realization of high-quality economic activities

The state of culture has a great influence on economic activities, and the culture itself can create new demand and high added value, and contribute to the development of many industries.

⦁ Contribution to the true development of humankind

With the rapid development of science and technology and information and communication technology, problems related to ethics and human values ​​have arisen, and the true nature of humankind is due to the positive efforts from the cultural side based on the values ​​of respect for human beings. Will bring about the development of.

⦁ Cornerstone of World Peace

Through cultural exchange, each country and ethnic group understands and respects each other’s cultures, and recognizes diverse cultures, which connects people’s hearts across national borders, languages, and ethnic groups, and lays the cornerstone of world peace.

In view of the significance of such culture, cultural arts such as art, media art, traditional performing arts, performing arts, living culture, national entertainment, publications, and cultural assets, which form the core of culture, are artists and cultural art groups. In addition, not only some enthusiasts, but all the people are indispensable for realizing a rich life where they can truly feel the comfort and moisture. In this sense, cultural arts are the people. It can be said that it is an overall social property.

Therefore, individuals, private companies / organizations, local public organizations, and the national government will recognize that they are the bearers of cultural arts, and will cooperate with each other to promote cultural arts in society as a whole.

2)The role of the country in the promotion of culture and art, etc.

(a) Role of the country

Cultural and artistic activities are voluntary and voluntary activities in which the people exert their creativity, cultivate, develop their individuality, and seek their own enlightenment, and the enjoyment of cultural arts is also attributed to the people themselves.

Based on this point, the role of the national government in the promotion of cultural arts is to stimulate and extend the voluntary activities of the people who are the main actors of cultural arts activities, and to provide the conditions for all the people to enjoy cultural arts. It is based on preparation.

For this reason, the national government will improve the conditions by itself, promote the efforts of local public bodies, and reach out to the limited activities of individuals and groups, thereby providing a culture as a whole. It is necessary to take necessary measures to promote art.

Based on this premise, the roles of the country can be summarized as follows: “Expansion of the peak of cultural arts” and “Cultural arts” hem Bottom Based on “expansion of the field”, it is summarized in “preservation and utilization of cultural heritage”, “international exchange of cultural arts” and “improvement of cultural infrastructure” to support them.

By promoting such efforts, new cultural arts will be created, which will become the face of Japan in the future and become familiar to the world, and we will endeavor to contribute to the development of world culture.

(b) Direction to be emphasized

Based on the role of the country in (a) above, in order to create the cultural arts that will be the in the future, we will focus on the following matters.

⦁ Education on cultural arts

In order for the people to deepen their interest in and understanding of cultural arts and to create and enjoy cultural arts with the awareness that society as a whole, including themselves, is the bearer of it, the rich sensibilities that form the basis of it. It is important to foster creativity and create an educational environment where people can come into contact with and get to know cultural arts.

It is important for families, schools, and communities to work together to deepen their interest in and understanding of nature, history, traditions, and culture, foster an attitude of respect, and foster a rich humanity.

In particular, in school education, it is necessary to enhance education related to culture and art, such as enhancing opportunities for creative experiences so that children can have the opportunity to come into direct contact with, become familiar with, and create excellent culture and art. is there. At the same time, it is necessary for each teacher to have a rich sensibility and a wide range of education, and to develop educational activities while striving for self-development to make the entire school education activity more cultural.

⦁ Cultural heritage

The tangible and intangible cultural heritage, which is a valuable property of the people born, nurtured, and preserved to this day in a long history, is indispensable for understanding the history, traditions, culture, etc. At the same time, it forms the basis for future cultural improvement and development.

In the midst of rapid changes in the social structure in recent years, it is necessary to study effective conservation and utilization measures, taking into consideration the ideal way of preservation and appropriate utilization of cultural heritage in the present age. At the same time, it is necessary to actively work on enhancing the foundation for restoration and preservation of cultural heritage, opportunities for experiential learning about cultural heritage, and enhancement of dissemination and enlightenment activities on cultural heritage.

⦁ Cultural dissemination

It is important to nurture a unique culture and disseminate it to the world while making the best use of its excellent traditions.

To that end, it is first necessary to familiarize yourself with and deepen your understanding of the culture that has been formed through cultural exchanges with other countries over a long history and tradition. Understanding one’s own culture leads to a development of tolerance and respect for other cultures.

On top of that, it is necessary to comprehensively and proactively disseminate culture, from traditional culture to contemporary culture. It will contribute to the development of world culture and humankind.

⦁ Financial and tax measures related to culture and art

Regarding cultural arts, it is necessary to promote it in society as a whole, but as a measure for that, there are cases where support is mainly provided by the country represented by France and cases where support is mainly provided by the private sector represented by the United States of America. There is. Considering Japan’s efforts to promote cultural arts and the status of cultural and artistic activities, it is necessary for the national government and the private sector to promote cultural arts from both standpoints.

For this reason, it is indispensable to make the support provided by both the national and private sectors even more effective, and under severe financial circumstances, appropriate evaluations will be made, and the necessary finances will be prioritized and streamlined. In addition to taking the above measures, we will promote support from the private sector for cultural and artistic activities through tax measures.

(3) Roles of local public bodies and the private sector

Local governments play a role in promoting diverse and distinctive cultural arts and promoting cultural and artistic activities of local residents, voluntarily and independently, while coordinating with the national government, according to the characteristics of each region.
When local governments promote cultural arts, they should take measures based on the basic policies for promoting cultural arts, and each local government should cooperate from a wide-area perspective. It is desirable to work on the promotion of culture and art.

In addition, support for cultural and artistic activities by individuals, private companies, and organizations is based on spontaneity, which leads to the expansion of the people’s awareness of valuing and nurturing cultural and artistic activities. In addition, compared to the support of the national and local governments, free and selective consideration works and contributes to cultural diversity. It is hoped that the support from the private sector will be expanded by improving the conditions for promoting and guiding the support from the private sector and fostering momentum.

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