Dropshipping Business in india

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The dropshipping business in India is a unique model for ecommerce business that you don’t have to keep the stock or touch products instead suppliers has to do products and provide you information and products. You can set the price and promote to buyers in social media or local.

What is difference between affiliate marketing and drophsipping?

The dropshipping resellers do promote the products and resell the products in your name to new customers and get margin out of sales. But, affiliate marketing is only promoting products by affiliate link and get commission from sales.

The concept of selling in ecommerce through dropshipping is best tool to resellers who wants to start business anywhere.

Is Dropshipping business in india possible?

yes, many of ecommerce resellers are struggling to find the reliable suppliers for dropshipping in India. It is hard to start at first with initial investment for starting business. There are number of ways to dropshipping India.

Best dropshipping suppliers in idia

Meesho is one of best dropshipping app for beginners India. There are number of suppliers have a products to supply to you. Once you register https://meesho.com/invite/PERNINA89005 on Meesho app. You will be able to guide to purchase any sample product. Once you do, you can browse many inventory that suppliers list on Meesho app. More than 100000 housewives use Meesho app for dropshipping business by promoting products in facebook marketplace.

How to Earn with Meesho

Check out the following video to how to sell on facebook marketplace using Meesho app

Selling through a Facebook Page

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