Why people need art and culture

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The value that art culture brings
What kind of effect did theatrical activities for children have? What kind of change in consciousness did the audience have due to the art exhibition?
The main values of art and culture that I feel in doing such work are as follows. (Although it is very difficult to prove)
Changing perspectives, broadening your horizons, believing in yourself, believing in others, the ability to think, the courage to express, and connecting with people.
There are others, but only when these things are at the root, for example, “the rate of students dropping out at school decreases,” “the symptoms of dementia in the elderly are alleviated,” and “understanding diversity.” I think that the effect will be born.
Of course, it is natural that the value of art culture is different for each person (for example, some people feel sad when they see a picture, others think it is beautiful), and I think that it is art because it cannot be verbalized. (Sometimes my artist friend tells me that).
However, these changes (changes in vision and courage to express) are manifested in the social inclusion arts and cultural activities. Therefore, I think that changes such as improving people’s self-affirmation and strengthening the community are actually appearing.

The dilemma of clarifying value

In reality, there are times when I wish I could convey the logic that art culture is an important thing, the right of humankind, without having to bother to “convert” value.
In fact, there are criticisms that the so-called artistic value is lost by visualizing the social value (material value).
However, there may be a world where it cannot be communicated unless it is verbalized. Evidence is of course important in each field, and I think it is good to utilize it, but I think that it is useless without it. However, it may be that the situation is such that it is useless if there is no visible effect.

Because art culture is with people

The world is very sad that only things that are profitable, things that have a visible effect, and those things are important.
Even if you don’t really visualize the value, simply looking at the flowers is beautiful, and watching the stage is exciting. It’s fun to sing.
We do not visualize the value because we want to make it material. To be able to think that beautiful things are beautiful and to be able to express each other and collide with each other by saying that interesting things are interesting. To be able to love immaterial values. To be mentally rich. Art culture is necessary for people.

Encouragement and dissemination of art and culture

During the war, under the name of cultural guidance, control and interference were added to the arts and culture, and they were applied strictly, and the filming and publishing methods, which had severely restricted the creation and criticism of art. The newspaper law, the Peace Preservation Law, etc. were abolished early after the war, and the autonomy of arts and culture activities was fully recognized. Not only does it guarantee freedom and leave it alone, but new measures to encourage and nurture art and cultural activities have been taken, and measures to disseminate its appreciation have been actively taken, and art and cultural administration is rapidly advancing. Has come to show great progress.
The work of disseminating excellent arts and culture to the general public or promoting international art exchanges is largely due to the activities of arts and culture-related organizations, but these organizations are sufficient due to their weak economic foundations. It is a fact that we cannot do activities. The national treasury subsidy for these groups was provided as part of the subsidy for social education-related groups, but it became independent as a subsidy for arts and culture-related groups. The focus was on international exchange of art, dissemination of art to young people, promotion of local art, and functional enhancement of art and cultural facilities.

Promotion of local arts and culture activities

Artistic and cultural activities tend to be center-oriented, and there is a great difference in degree between the central and local areas, and promoting local arts and cultural activities was one of the major issues. Holding theater and chorus classes in each district, and expanding the performances sponsored by local art festivals. We started subsidizing the spread of youth music and theater to prefectures, and We started with the granting to the activities of the Gunma Symphony Orchestra and subsidized groups for the promotion of local art. The Youth Arts Theater, which provides opportunities for local youth to appreciate art, and the contemporary art selection exhibition, local tours, etc. have all started, and the national treasury subsidy for arts and culture events sponsored by prefectures. The road was also opened.

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